2222 - How Could B2B Company Benefit from Social Media Marketing

“Social media marketing is a form of Internet marketing that utilizes social networking websites as a marketing tool.” It is widely used by B2C companies to promote their brand or products. While it has also become a key marketing strategy in B2B marketing. Omobono’s research indicates that “not only can business-to-business (B2B) marketers benefit from social media, but it could be their most effective marketing channel of all”. What’s more, an increasing number of B2B companies tend to input more resource on social media marketing.

B2B companies could benefit a lot from social media marketing, which will help them build the brand image, communicate with customers, promote their products and expand business. So it’s necessary for the companies to pay close attention to social media marketing. JumoreGlobal Insights would like to provide some tips for you:

  • Choose a promotion channel which meets your requirements.

There are so many social media platforms that could be chosen by you to promote your brand or products. But you need to select the most suitable ones that will help you to access to potential customers and transmit your content to the right audience. So you should analyze the features of each channel before you make a decision. Here are some features of famous social media platforms:

LinkedIn- there are a lot of industry leaders or specialists on LinkedIn, where you can contact the right person or ask for their advices directly to promote your product. You can also join the groups to discuss with the target customers and build customer relationship with them. So you could choose LinkedIn when you are willing to find the right person effectively.

Twitter- another powerful social media platform, contains numerous real-time information. As a result, it will be helpful to utilize the news to promote your product on Twitter.

Facebook- another active social media platform, which is not proper to use for sell products directly. It’s a platform to advertise by releasing kinds of content like pictures and videos to catch the audience’ attention and develop customer relationship.

You may probably find it difficult to run all social networking channels well simultaneously, a digital marketing expert would make it simple and effective. Customize your SNS service here.

  • Promote content with high quality.

High quality content will help you attract the audience’s attention. It’s not smart to display the useless content on social media as such action will disturb the audience. Try your best to know the customers’ requirements and produce content carefully. Audience will “give up your content” as soon as they find it’s not what they need or what they are concerned with. Mind that too many advertisements are not welcomed by the audience. So you should not promote only for the purpose of “promotion”. For example, you could give the audience effective information like market watch, buying requests, business skills etc. through advertorial. Then audience may have a good impression on your company. And your brand may be remembered by them.

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  • Remember to bring traffic to your website.

Website is the most significant and detailed platform that introduces your brand and products. You should insert the link of your website in the promotion content in a proper way. Do not miss the chances to bring traffic to your website. And guide the audience that they will get more effective information on your website. Then the audience may convert to customer in this way.

  • Keep in touch with the audience on social media.

Social media is an admirable interactive platform for you to communicate with potential customers. When the audience takes an interest in your content, they may comment or leave a message. Then it’s time for you to connect with them and help them solve problems, which will make them recognize that their questions or advices are valued by you and they will get a good user experience through your response. Additionally, customer relationship is established or maintained by keeping in touch with the audience on social media.

  • Pay attention to feedback to your content.

Most customers are active on social media. When they give feedback to your content, you should keep a record and reply them in time. As social media give the customers a convenient channel to share their thoughts, suppliers may get valuable suggestions to optimize their content and product. For instance, users will describe their feeling when they use your website, then the feeling may become a point to improve the operation process of your website.

There still remains a lot to learn on social media marketing, which is an effective way to promote the brand and products. Keep on improving the social marketing strategy and you may view the beneficial result one day.


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