case study - B2B Case Study: A Persuasive Speech to Boost New Business

Business-to-Business (B2B) case studies are a way for companies to showcase the value they can deliver to existing or potential clients with their product, service or solutions, with an aim to present proof and build trust so the prospects feel comfortable progressing down the marketing funnel.

Since the solutions behind the B2B business is sometimes complicated, B2B marketers may find it a challenge to explain the problem, solution, and results clearly to the target audience. In this regard, case studies are an effective way of reaching the audience and explaining benefits of the product or solution.

A B2B case study is developed to use the voice of “others”, that are your satisfied and faithful clients, to tell the audience why they should trust your company and buy your products or service.

Used in an effective and proper way, case studies would be a handy tool that can build trust and help you develop a reputation for producing desirable results. A strong case study should communicate enough about your expertise and approach that people feel they know you even if they haven’t worked with you.

For B2B marketers ready to create compelling case studies, JumoreGlobal Insights would like to shares with you a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Identify the Right Participant

At the start of writing a case study is to identify a client who benefited well from your company with desirable outcome. In addition to having a compelling story to tell, a client that your company has a close relationship with or who frequently comments positively on how happy they are with your considerate services may be more willing to be involved in your case study. So if you have several options, weigh your relationship with the client into the decision process.

  • Create a Compelling Story

As any engaging content, your case study should engage the prospects through storytelling.

Most B2B case studies usually discuss the problem and offer the product or service as the solution. However, the problem should not be something specific that only a few buyers face. B2B companies should instead write a case study that provides context on the market, challenges, outlines the internal solution, explains the goals of the client, and also offers contextual elements. Ideally, the reader realizes they have a lot in common with the issue described, so they are eager to learn more about the solution.

Instead of just listing the problem and solution, take the reader through the experience. Describe the problem, present failed attempts at solving the problem, showcase the struggle the client went through dealing with this issue.

As the story unfolds, explain how the problem was solved by the client, how the client walks out of the dilemma, etc. What you finally want is that the reader understands how your company supported the client in their process of searching and finding a proper solution.

  • Display Specific Data and Numbers

After the prospects read the story, they may be hooked, while a good way of really drawing them in is through facts. Data and numbers are well impressive and are sometimes the first thing new visitors see when going through your case study.

In addition, remember that your case study will have many different kinds of viewers: some who prefer only numbers and some who want a story to accompany facts. Therefore, using both can catch the attention of a wider audience.

  • Images, Videos and More Add Score

73% of B2B buyers seek out case studies (Demand Gen Report), but that doesn’t mean that they are ready to just sit in front of large pieces of text. Use images, videos, charts, and diagrams, etc. to create a more interesting and readable case study. After explaining a concept or a part of the story, give the reader a visual presentation to help them truly understand the information set forth.

Although not a few of B2B marketers may regard case studies as the most difficult type of content to produce, these tips would help you write an attention-drawing and useful B2B case study to be used for effective lead generation.


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