How to Attract Your First Client


The first client you get when you just start your business is more easily to become a loyal member one day. However, not everyone is lucky enough to find the right first client. Most clients are not willing to be early adopters, who spend on their time and money in unfamiliar products. For a company, a valid clients base is the foundation of sustainable business. So in order to attract more people to become the early adopters of your business, JumoreGlobal summarize some techniques that might be helpful.

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Know your target client base

It’s impossible to promote your product or service to everyone. An accurate target segmentation is substantial for you to filter the top priorities. So, you can start with create your buyer personas in terms of their demographics, industries, lifestyles…to know your client well. Buyer personas help you to focus on the wants and needs of your ideal clients and make every promotion campaign more effective. The personas came from comprehensive market research will help you to create an individualized promotion plan which will foster a group of loyal client.

Try offering free trials to new clients

Offering free trial products to your clients is an effective way to get new clients, where you can get real comments and recommendations. so it’s a favorable method to come into the market and help you improve the shortcomings according to the feedback.

After that, the things that you should consider is how to convert them into actual return clients? Souny has said that “By offering free trials, you can show them the value of what you have to offer and convert them into paying returning clients later.”

Imbuing people who may be your clients with product value, definitely expressing your product or service model, by doing these, it is possible to transform them into loyal clients with good service. It is worth nothing that only if your product is valuable enough, they will love it.

Online communities & forums

Traditionally, you will do some market research to see whether it is practical before you put it into practice. You can do these research via some online communities and forums that are relevant to your product or service. In these communities and forums, you can know the market demands of your product and what features your product should have. You can also promote your new product or service in these online communities and forums, the users there are likely to become your first clients.

Some other common forums to connect with your first startup clients:

Get social online

In order to attract your clients effectively, you should promote your product or service on social media, such as, you can post some information about your product and your marketing plan on your blog and quote some experts to share these contents. Moreover, Twitter, Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn are all good social media to do the public communication.

Have integrity

You should be honest to your client and never promise any features that your product or service does not have. It may bring a little benefit in the short term but will let you suffer more in the long term. The short-sighted strategy will never attract loyal clients, while, actually, 80% profits come from loyal client according to our research. Therefore, it is necessary to speak honestly and maintain a good brand image, since it is the core of successful business.


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