Are You Willing to Sacrifice Privacy for Convenience?


The annual Google I/O developer conference was held by Google in Mountain View, California. In Google’s biggest event of the year, Artificial intelligence was highlighted again among the stars of the conference at Google I/O 2018.

628 - Are You Willing to Sacrifice Privacy for Convenience?

Google AI in Our Daily Life

The development of artificial intelligence, internet technology and social media provide us unimaginable convenience. Just by one click, we can buy bags, book movie tickets, reach new friends.

*Google Maps

There is a new “For you” tab in Google Maps displays you the new shops around you as well as the trending restaurants. Based on your historical ratings, Google also added a new “Your Match” score to display the possibility that you liking a new restaurant.

*Smart Cars

Self-driving cars are getting closer to our daily life. Google let self-driving cars learn to drive in the same way that humans do: through experience and actions. Customers can be able to drive cars with no one in the driver’s seat, and use those self-driving cars to travel to any place.

AI and Privacy

Many people may have this experience: You browse a web page about vegetables, and the next day a company selling healthy food begins to call you and promote their products. Your personal data like your age, address and telephone numbers are revealed every time you register for a website or fill a form online.

In order to learn and make intelligent decisions, most artificial intelligence applications require huge volumes of data. As self-driving car model move to the cloud, this becomes even more complicated. The users need to send their data to the central network, the network needs to insure the authenticity of the data.

AI has changed the way the current generation carries out everyday tasks. But some say that convenience has come at the price of your privacy. The Facebook data breach sent out a warning to our generation, a generation unable to live without electronic devices or the Internet.

Can we afford to sacrifice privacy for convenience?

Privacy has been stimulated much debate over recent years and will keep going in future. Sometimes, people are giving up their privacy in exchange for something, like location information for map and taxi service, reading habit for precise news feed, shopping online habit for customized goods “content”(AD). But it doesn’t mean we can afford privacy for convenience. Because we have no choice.

As a customer or user of several APPs, I will have a changing baseline for “sacrificing privacy for convenience”:

1.Users may not mind revealing our personal information, but we still want to have control who can check this information, rather than let the information secretly transferred to numerous uses by merchants for other purposes

2.Users may not care that merchants know where they are, what they love to do, what they prefer to eat, but the premise is that the disclosure of this information can not be used in unnecessary harassment.

If customers really gave up convenience for privacy, these findings would be a hit for companies like Facebook and Google, which have developed their huge business based on the personal data.


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