8 Must-dos to Create Customized User Experience on B2B E-commerce Platforms


As forecasted by Forrester, the total sales of B2B E-Commerce will exceed $1 trillion and account for 12% of all B2B sales in the US by 2020.Recent years, more manufacturers and wholesalers are looking for the right B2B E-Commerce platform that will provide them with the best shopping experience. Actually, B2B customers expect the same intuitive shopping experience they obtained from B2C shopping and it would be much more important to them since they are placing large quantities of goods, high value orders with a much higher risk.

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The first step is finding the B2B e-commerce platform that best fits your industry, whether you’re in fashion, food and commodity industry. For example: if you are selling industrial products on Amazon, it will be odd if your product click is high. Go to JumoreGlobal.com, it’s the wise choice if you are in industrial products, machinery, chemical, coal… and other commodities industries.

Once you’ve found the platform that’s right for you, you could start to create a personal shopping experience for each customer and visitor.

Here are some tips to make sure the experience you create for customers is tailored to their specific needs:

1.Order History

Buyers are used to place order on the items list their order history. Your B2B storefront should offer customers the ability to edit their orders – update quantities, change shipping addresses and more.

2.Customer-oriented Pricing

Customers would be happy to see their own negotiated prices. Look into the best-selling products to see pricing flexibility, offer special discounts and promote popular product of the month for certain customer groups.

3.Personalized Product Group Setting

Create customized product group is crucial for increase the possibility of customer searching. Also, customers are delighted to see your online shop set the product groups based on their preferences which help them save a lot of time in filtering other unfavorable products.

4.Search Capabilities

In this age of instant gratification, sifting through web pages and products is simply not an option. Set up navigation filters with your product categories and most common attributes so customers can find the products they’re looking for quickly. Implement a search bar with “auto complete” functionality to allow buyers to hone in on products whose name they already know.

5.Brand Promotion

Always remember, you are not only selling your products but also your brand. You should personalize your shop via editing your brand logo, latest photo, add your own name or use a good-looking template in other words……In other words, making B2B e-commerce shop uniquely yours.

6.Diverse Pricing Strategy

Cross-sell and upsell are two major methods for suppliers to induce buyers to purchase additional products or pay the same product with extra money. It’s the battle of consumer psychology based on the algorithm of the platform to analyze buyer’s previous purchase history. However, in B2B e-commerce platform especially in commodity industry, the unstable pricing would bring uncertainty to buyers, be cautious when using those pricing strategies.

7.My Favorites

My Favorites function enables buyers to quickly and easily mark their favorable items to a list that they may purchases in a near future, all at the click of a button. My Favorites can improve order efficiency by providing a way for buyers to organize the items they are interested in. The buyer can create different favorites list which can be renamed based on content.

  1. Worthy Membership Package

You would probably consider to be a paid member after joining one platform for months. Paid membership packages offered by different platforms are all claim that they can remarkably boost users’ sales volume. You’d better carefully select the package offer the benefits of what you need and avoid to waste of money on an expensive but comprehensive package. If you are bothered to access to more buyers, you should choose a membership package specifically focusing on connecting you with other platform users like the Premium Membership launched by JumoreGlobal.com.

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To summarize, B2B e-commerce has become a vital sales channel for suppliers and buyers. Optimizing the platform to best accommodate users, increases convenience, decreases order errors, improves customer service, and increases conversion… which translate into increased sales.


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