The landing page determines the user’s conversion, if you are struggling with your low conversion rate, here is the right place. JumoreGlobal summarizes 5 ways that could help you optimize landing pages

It is significant to find out the purpose of the landing page before you setting up it. A landing page with accurate information will lead users to complete registration, subscription, share and buy your product easily.

1.png 2 - 5 Ways to Optimize Your Product Landing Pages

Tips to optimize your landing page conversion:

  • Deliver valuable information to your visitors

The major function of landing page is communication rather than advertising. It’s the place to transmit the product information to visitors to help them comprehensively know your product. Do not make your advertising purpose too obvious. Make sure the content on the page is worthwhile to read.

  • Don’t complicate your headline

Research shows that simple and straightforward headline is easier to get user’s attention.
To present the most information for the user in the shortest time, landing pages need to extract the key point of the whole paragraph.  Keep terse throughout the whole article, avoid cramming your text with too many words, if there are long paragraphs, divide into short paragraphs.

  • Try to use high quality images

Products sell online are not touchable, it can only be viewed. The high-quality large images with multiple angle shots are highly important to enhance shopping experience. What’s more, you’d better embed a product zoom feature to ensure that visitors can zoom in on your products and see the finer details in HD. Some platforms provide image optimization service, so you don’t need to be anxious about whether your images are suitable or not. For instance, JumoreGlobal, a leading B2B platform from China, provides their clients with personalized image optimization service.

  • Reduce loading time

We live in a world of “I want it now and immediately!” The loading speed of landing page conversion is extremely important. If you don’t want to say goodbye to your user, ensure it loads within a few seconds.

  • Attention links

On the basis of Multiple Stimuli Present in the Visual Field that “Too many links on a page are over stimulating and causes confusion.” A visitor arrives to your landing page is only for one reason: place order. However, links to other products and landing pages will make your visitor leave your landing page. To avoid this phenomenon, you need to grab the attention make them focus on the product.

All in all, the first thing is to ensure the target of your landing page. All optimizations should be performed around the target. The conversion can be reached only when you meet the demands of customers’ clicking.




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