5 Elements That Will Make a Successful Social Media Marketing


As we know, social media has become an increasingly popular and effective marketing channel for businesses of all sizes and types to reach prospects and customers. Through social media, you can speak directly to your audience and interact with them in terms of your products or service in an easier and low-cost way.

Great social media marketing could bring remarkable success to your business, creating impressive brand image and even driving leads and sales.

14 - 5 Elements That Will Make a Successful Social Media Marketing

If you are looking for a different way for further growing your business or you are struggling with this novel marketing strategy that doesn’t work well as you expected, a few social media marketing tips we’ve proposed in this article may help you a lot to develop an effective strategy for your successful social media campaigns.

I. Start with clear goals

For every social media marketing campaign you are planning to go with, always consider what you want to get from it. Starting a social media marketing campaign without a clear goal in mind will cost you hard but meaningless efforts and even draw you far away from potential customers.

So figure out the exact needs of your company and decide how you want to use social media to help achieve them. While you may come up with some personalized goals, there are several common ones you should include in your social media marketing strategy, e.g., raising brand awareness, creating a brand identity, generating leads and retaining customers.

II. Target potential customers

To avoid low engagement with audience on social media, it’s usually important to have an accurate potential customer profile.

It is essential to make a research on your target customers’ age, occupation, income, pains, problems, online habits, likes, dislikes and any other useful information, which will help you identify and target the right people, in the right places and at the right times for a specific social media campaign.

III. Choose the best channels

Although there are many popular platforms or websites for performing social media marketing activities, it is not recommended to create accounts on every of them without studying which will bring the most return.

You can avoid wasting your time and energy by selecting a platform that suits your business most. Just go where most of your target audience are. If it is found that your prospects or customers spend 80% of their online time on Facebook and 20% on LinkedIn, you certainly know which will be the primary social network to focus on.

It always takes time and patience to operate your social networking account. An alternative way is purchasing SNS optimization services, getting social media promotion benefits from marketing experts.

So when your target audience often are present at a specific social network, that’s where you need to be—not everywhere else.

IV. Create engaging content

Just like other areas of online marketing, content carries a big weight when it comes to social media marketing.

It is necessary to have regular post and offer valuable information that your prospects or customers will find interesting and helpful. For a successful content strategy in social media marketing, three general factors should be taken into consideration: type of content, time of posting and frequency of posting.

You can try to share various types of content including text only, images, video, links, etc on your social networks, to constantly call your audience’s attention.

V. Tracking the campaign

Without tracking data for a social media marketing campaign, you are not able to measure the success of your social media marketing strategies. Google Analytics can be a highly-recommended social media marketing tool that will help you measure the most effective social media marketing strategies, as well as decide which may be a improper one.

Also, most social media platforms now have embedded data analytics tools, which enable companies to track the progress, success, and engagement of their marketing activities. So make sure to use those tools within each social platform for optimizing your ongoing or future social media marketing strategies. Some SNS optimization service providers offer monthly reportMarketing to users for timely strategy adjustment, which is a obvious way to see your marketing results(check your SNS service deal here).

All of those tips above together may still not solve some unusual problems in your social media marketing campaign, so JumoreGlobal would like to hear your thoughts, questions or comments, and we will spare no efforts to help you deal with them.



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